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The Awakening / Last Fight of the Primordial

by Back To R'lyeh

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MindOverFour thumbnail
MindOverFour Imagine Frank Zappa, Atheist, Mastodon, and Mr. Bungle getting together to make Lovecraft-themed jazzy, funky metal record. In fact there are 100 more influences at work in this amazing record. This group from Spain should be in the collection of anyone who loves progressive metal. Favorite track: Ghosts & Vengeance.
Jon thumbnail
Jon Big fan of Cthulhu Mythos stuff. The RPG, fiction, etc.. Also happen to be a fan of metal. What? Together? Fantastic. Basil Abscond. The beginning sounded like Clutch (another favorite band). Then I was like.. no .. maybe a little Faith No More... but harder. Then some deathy vocals crept into the mix. Then that chorus. Awesome amalgamation of styles in that song. Genius shit. Favorite track: Basil Abscond.
Poesy Rider
Poesy Rider thumbnail
Poesy Rider Un metal prog inventif et bien foutu. Mais ne nous méprenons pas ; malgré les références à Lovecraft, Back to R'lyeh ne se prend pas au sérieux pour autant. Alors allez savoir si Lovecraft ou Houellebecq se retournent dans leurs tombes (merde, c'est vrai, Michel n'est pas encore mort !). Favorite track: Basil Abscond.
Lekiwi thumbnail
Lekiwi Cthulhu worshipping metal with a unique, quirky personality. In short, one of the most well-crafted and ambitious albums I've heard recently. Favorite track: Basil Abscond.
julitrows thumbnail
julitrows Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Fthagn! Ph'nglui mglw'nfah Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Favorite track: The Doorway.
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(Extract) I write these lines, knowing this is my last night, I'm afraid of what will come... Behind... One survivor of 25, shattered I arrived... I think that something's followed me... Its here... We awoke something there... In the depths of the Earth, In the chasms of stone...In the galleries... Unfortunately, My thirst of knowledge, Became a terrible evil for mankind... Famous scientist and an authority, On ancient inscriptions... A substantial inheritance will finance the mission... After many years, at last I found the sign, A sinister trace of certain ancient cult. And hypnotized I read the forgotten words, All lost in rotten books... Invocations. Then I caught a thread, a thread made of lies, Hidden in the labyrinth of abandon... But a clear mark for my trained mind, I will be the first, I will be the One... If these books are right, I know exactly where to find There where others failed I will win the fight... Years of plans, thousands of notes... Showing me that at last the key was mine, I wanted to capture one of these beings, Changing forever the world as we know, These creatures half fish - half reptile... They couldn't ever beat the modern man... Then I learned about the Sleeping Ones, Waiting down in the abyss... ...hidden since the sun was young, Dreaming with their time to come... And every night while we read the maps, We hear the call... Navigating... As I dreamed.. we went there, To the south - Under unknown stars... With a strong conviction... I hired a superb team of experts... But I didn't comprehend the magnitude, Of that quest... Failure, Failure, Failure, Failure... We arrived plenty of glory, Plunged in destiny, Right to the abyss of the night, I didn't care how old were these symbols of gods, Carved in stone... But then I was convinced of my victory, I solved the mistery... In a land near of the pole, Out of the sight of human eyes... We arrived plenty of glory, Plunged in destiny, Right to the abyss of the night, I didn't care how old were these symbols of gods, Carved in stone...
Warnings 06:36
(Extract) Twilight...The island is warning me... Ground mist... Enfolded our feet, Forest... Clearing a path to come... Under the long shadow of the mount... Moorlands... Like evil foams, Nightwind... Across the swamp.... The air... The trees... Turning... Fast... Big Stone sunk in mud... Monuments... with impious marks... And we tresspassed the doorway... Then I knew that something were wrong... Paralysed, something moved... I'll try to describe the creature I saw: It was a strange shape of lizard... Flesh and scales... Free from fear it looked at me... I was freezed... There's no blinks, there's no move, There's no breath... Just a ghost stopped in that pest land... O what a horror... felt in that dismal hour, My human soul was dead... I've never seen such a horrible vision... Our darkest fears... were free... Horrible warnings... Load the gun, determination... Even staring at demons face, No wind... There's no sound... Tension in a moment lost in time... Then thousands of reptile heads, Appeared at the same time, Screaming in unison... A call of war...The sound of the hell... A call of war, primal growls, Horrible gurgles in the background, The great flood of time... started to roar... All in motion again... Horrible warnings... Helpless... I drifted into the madness... I still feel the tremor... The horde advanced... Echoes of shots in my mind... At the bottom of some vague dream...
I'm coming from the void - I'm coming from oblivion. I open my eyes... now - I'll never ever fall again. Fall again... There's no doubt anymore - There's no fear anymore. I want to go there to take my soul back... It's mine. Mine... Before my grueling arrival... After two years confined, Trying to assimilate what I saw there And how to remain sane... So many nights, Seeing the ghosts of all these dead men, Saying my name... Tortured by blame... But now its over... I still got enough money - Now I'm ready to fight, To make my final move - This time is all or nothing... A new expedition to annihilate, To exterminate all this alien scum, Hidden in this isolated island... Its over
Erase 03:50
This time I hit first, This time I wont make prisoners, No scientists... Just an annihilate mission... This time I will erase, Every little trace, Of this alien scum, Not taking risks... Aircrafts - Shadows like black birds, Lethal bargain from the middle east, Flying over the damned beach, In the skies - Smoke lines of victory... No matter how long they have been there, I burned all the books - I'll destroy the legend, This is my planet - This is my universe, This world isn't big enough, For us and them... The bombs fall like angels of death, I see huge explosions - A new sun's bright, Purifying by napalm - Cleaning our earth, In the land - Black lines of victory... And I swear I'll erase, From our human memories, All these beings... Beyond the wall of sleep... Sarnath - Ulthar - Pickman - Innsmouth Colour out of space - Shadows out of time... The sleeping ones... And the Mountains of... The matter screams - Something has changed, The water is boiling - Skies are red... And I laugh in my plane - Drinking a beer Tomorrow I'll descend... I started this and I will end it...
Verticalus 00:37
(Extract) I've got these amphetamine pills, Drugs flowing down through my veins... Back at the gates of hell - Where we were overcome by despair... 50 men advancing as a firing squad - Rows of corpses carbonized... Chasing the last group of beasts - Cornered to the temple walls... Now we are into the cave - Weird greenish lights, Feeling the presence of the crawling chaos, My soul is poisoning with fear... And the Primordial arises - For a few seconds we were paralysed... Some of the men... died...The only vision of this thing... Is driving me mad... But we started to shoot our guns... Concentrating our fire in its head... An inhuman growl make us deaf... Tentacles are moving in spasms... Pieces of viscous flesh - Falling as a boiling mass, Trying to reassemble - Eating portions of itself... Slobbering toxic fluids and bleeding, Nervous movements in its members, All its eyes seems to comprehend that its time has come... Extremities moving in pure chaos, pointing my gun to a protuberance, Pulling the trigger many times...The fucker is still trying to reach us... I Killed the Primordial I Killed the Primordial I Killed the Primordial I Killed the Primordial
The Doorway 04:29
(Extract) At last... The Nightmare is over... It's hard to breath - Subterranean sea. Strange emanations of poisonous fumes Are released into the atmosphere, Reports of strange astronomical alignments... The triumph of mankind over the beast The abomination carcass will rest in this abyss A circle of men watching through the fog Every dark corner of this evil cave... Traces of matter in the air - blinded by abyssic lights But I need no eyes to reload my gun... Resonating between the walls - Titanic statues Hallucinations... Paralysed in fear - I'm down on my knees I eat a pair of pills - I make a signal Typing coordenates on a screen... The door has to be closed - Their world must burn...
Guardian of this unknown world, Burning coffin of bones, Wave shadows of despair, Piercing the souls of the warlike men, (Too much wounds) Sullen lights across the doorway, To the bloodstained shore, Noses are bleeding - Sultry sands, Hands bruised -Eyes downcast... Anguish howls from the chests of men... A wormhole path is open, Between two planets and two times, If we don't close that door, It could be the end for mankind... As we know it... We shooted to their awful bodies, To close their glowing eyes, But the shadows are passing... Their claws are punishing us... Fiery the creatures attack, As they fly through the dark cave... Seven dehumanized and horrible terrors, Hungry destroyers of worlds, Coming to subjugate and to enslave, Terrible Titans - Black Demigods... I see the humanity in deadly sleep, And its fallen power - Spectre of a race... Around our place lies the death eternal... Opened like a flower from the earth's core... In the other side the arches and pyramids of marble, All the ghouls see the fracture, Rising their arms and growl... The ground is trembling, (Our souls are cold) Their purpose is to impress, On men the fear of death, They know their power to annihilate... (Million light years) Resist! I see the cruelty of those who sleep in time, Mental forms creating ghosts, Incandescent guns... A fold in the universe tissue, Visions of bleeding moons... Inside the portal, on a vast rock I perceive (By those senses that are closed from thought) Dead stars of fire whirling about in circles, Rounding the masses of immortal fiends... The last chance to win this battle and the war, Its a nuclear warhead, Pointing to the crack, The device is armed and ready to explode, Damned alien beasts, Now comes the night for you... HUMANS! Just when they are about to cross to our world We must resist! FIRE!


Recorded at Mantis Studio by V. Braun. Mixed by Daniel Patiño (Bulletproof Studios, Madrid). Mastering by James Plotkin (U.S.A).
Artwork by Toth Art Studio and Carlos Romo.


released December 23, 2013

All music by A. Hernández, M. Novoa and Back To R'lyeh, except "Triumph of Men" written by David Pérez Rey.
All words by Hanz Beckert




Back To R'lyeh Madrid, Spain

Back To R’lyeh is a progressive metal band from Madrid, Spain, formed in 2011. Their current line-up now includes:

Adrián Hernández Puente: Guitars
Jesús Lanzarote: vocals and keys
Manuel Novoa: Guitars
Pablo Sanchez: bass
Victor Duro: vocals

"The Awakening/ Last fight of the Primordial" is available now at NOMA RECORDS, NOOIRAX PRODUCCIONES or right here.
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